PVM Forged 8 Spoke Wheels

Price from: £1702+vat

The new 8 spoke forged wheels from PVM are 10% lighter and stiffer than previous models.

The massive spoke profile gives us up to 40% higher stiffness stability on acceleration and braking.

The overall weight on this new design ranges from 2.7kg for the front wheel and from 3.9 kg for the rear one.

For full details, options, prices and availability, please call our sales line 01992 532501.

Price: £1702+vat
Sprocket available at an additional cost of £50+vat
Brake discs are not included.

Materials: aluminium

Available sizes:
Front: 2,5 x 17”, 3,5 x 17”, 3,63 x 17” and 3,75 x 17”
Rear:  3,5 x 17”, 5,5 x 17”, 5,75 x 17” and 6,25 x 17”

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