HM PLUS Quickshifter


The HM Range is designed to simply be plug and play. Each HM Product is designed to be simple to install, so there is no need for costly fitment or dyno setup time. If you are confident in changing your spark plugs then you can fit a HM Plus.

Additional charges may apply depending on options.

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Designed for Moto GP, strain gauge sensors offer:

  • Plug and Play
  • No moving parts – ultra consistent and reliable
  • Does not rely on movement of the gear lever, every gear change occurs exactly at the right time
  • Ultra smooth, slick shifts every time – The kindest way to treat your gearbox
  • Built in LCD for simple adjustment
  • No tuning required
  • Programmable Kill Time and Sensitivity
  • Programmable Shift Direction

PC Shifter

  • For road bikes with 4 injector system and Dynojet Powercommander
  • For race bikes with 4 injector system and Rapid Bike / kit ECU / HRC loom etc

PC + IGN Shifter

Kit includes the PC shifter and seperate ignition controller.

Designed for all motorcycles WITHOUT Plug Top Coils

PLUS Shifter

The PLUS shifter comes with built-in ignition controller and is designed for bikes WITH plug top coils:
PLUS RSV4 (RSV4 / Turuna 2013)
PLUS DUC (998 / 999 / 1098 – Road Shift Only)
PLUS DUC LEVER (998 / 999 / 1098 – Race Shift Only)
PLUS DUC DESMO (Desmosedici)
PLUS KTM (RC8 08-10 / RC8R 11-13 / Superduke 06-11)
PLUS MV (F4 10-12 / Triple 675 2013 / MVF4 06-10)
PLUS MV LEVER (F4 10-12 – Road Shift Only)
PLUS SH (CBR600RR03-14 / CBR1000RR 04-14 / GSXR600 01-14 / GSXR750 01-14 / GSXR1000 01-14)
PLUS TRI (Daytona 675 / Speed Triple)
PLUS YK (ZX6R / ZX636R / ZX10R / R6 05-14 / R1 02-14)


HMQuickshifters are very easy to fit, no need to cut, or splice any wire.

Simply unplug the existing connectors, plug into supplied loom, refit, connect to earth and it’s done.

With the HMQuickshifter LCD it is possible to adjust settings for either road, or race shift.

You can aslo adjust the sensitivity for cut and duration of cut.

The sensor is 50mm long, either modify your oe gear rod or purchase one below

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