HM GP Quickshifter

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About the HM GP Shifter

Offering the latest in technological advances to ensure the quickest and smoothest gear change possible.

The new HM GP Quickshifter has revolutionised the way in how quickshifters work, using a very complex algorithm called ‘The Kalman Algorithm’ to determine some key information during use. What this now does, amongst other features is give the GP Quickshifter the ability to beat the predetermined ‘kill time’ and release the power back on before this pre-determined time has elapsed in each gear which is also now fully programmable.


Launched on the last round of the MotoGP 2013, it was received with huge interest from from the biggest teams and names in the racing industry. So much so we were invited by Suter Racing Technology to attend the last closed test for Moto2/Moto3 of the year for the teams to test the GP Quickshifter.

Technical Features

HMSS (HM Seamless Shift) system ensures reduced lap times and provides seamless gear changes
Full and continuous dynamic self learning capabilities
Built in full feature Blipper controller for down-shifting
Each gear has its own kill time and its own sensitivity
Highly intelligent real time fault analysis and configurable error strategy
Easily read and detailed cyclic event log / Data logging
Highly sophisticated feedback derived kill time augmentation
Advanced feedback derived power cutting / introduction strategies (under development)
RPM kill time bias (under development)
LIN interface to allow connection to ECU’s / Dashes for delivering / recording data and configuration without a computer
CAN / ECAN interface via optional CAN tranceiver (under development)
Simple USB interface (Plug and Play into any Windows Operating System)
Professional level, fully programmable traction control using custom Kalman Algorithim (under development)
Very low power for a heavy weight 32bit RISC processor (30mA)
Highly resiliant power supply, able to operate up to 80v and can withstand transients far in excess of automotive standards


The HM GP Quickshifter has been designed for race use but can easily be incorpoated into your standard road bike.Please select from the relevant fitting options below or call us on 01992 532 501 if you require assistance