Harris Superbike Adjustable Triple Clamp Yokes


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The professional rider’s choice, widely used in BSB, WSB and road racing.

Lightweight, high strength 3 bolt lower clamp CNC machined from high tensile aluminium. Each set of yokes is supplied complete with a steering stem and one set of inserts giving two possible offset choices.


These yokes are designed to facilitate an easy adjustment to the fork offset by means of eccentrically bored steering stem inserts. Inserts are available in 1mm increments. Changing the distance that the fork legs are in front of the steering stem changed the trial, this is the most important adjustment you can make when fine tuning the handling characteristics of your motorcycle.


  • Widths: 207mm / 210mm / 214mm / 215mm / 226mm
  • Offset adjustment range: 25mm – 33mm
  • Upper fork leg diameter: 50mm – 54mm
  • Lower fork leg diameter: 54mm – 58mm


  • Ignition holder: Price on application